Welcome to roman-coin.co.uk

For some time now, I've been selling Roman Coins at www.roman-coins.co.uk. This was, and still is, a very basic site, offering uncleaned and authenticated roman coins for sale.

However, as the site progressed through the search engines and more traffic was forthcoming, I started to receive more and more emails from coin enthusiasts. Often, these emails would be from people wanting to buy a specific coin.

Now, I don't hold a vast stock of Roman Coins, and could never claim to be an expert, but I hate to leave people with a simple "No". Therefore, the idea for roman-coin.co.uk was born.

Within these pages, you'll find all manner of Roman coins for sale, most of them identified. You'll find anything from cheap Roman coins, right the way through to the rarest ones, so please check back from time to time to see what's on offer.
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